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Test Code LAB10207 Vaginitis DNA Probe (VagDNA) - Inpatient



Collection Requirements

Use only BD Affirm VP III collection swab.

1. Immediately following collection, place the swab into the Sample Collection Tube.

2. Break the swab at the scoreline (the swab will extend out of the tube), place the cap on the tube.

Primary Collection Container

BD Affirm Collection Kit



Preferred Transport Temperature



Ambient: 1 hour

Refrigerated: 4 hours

Frozen: Unacceptable

Reference Range



Nucleic Acid Hybridization


Sunday – Saturday


As completed

STATS reported within 1.5 hours of receipt in laboratory.

CPT Codes

87480; 87510; 87660

Unacceptable Conditions

Any collection or cleaning swab other than BD Affirm VP III.

Specimens at room temperature for greater than 1 hour or refrigerated for longer than 4 hours.

Additional Information

A positive result for Candida, Gardnerella and/or Trichomonas means nucleic acid for Candida species, G. vaginalis and/or T. vaginalis, respectively, is present in the sample and indicates the patient has candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, and/or trichomoniasis when consistent with clinical signs and symptoms.

Negative results for Candida, Garnerella, or Trichomonas tests suggest the patient does not have candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, and/or trichomoniasis, respectively, when consistent with clinical signs and symptoms.