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Test Code LAB13024 TEG (Thrombelastograph) - Rapid



Collection Requirements

Only available for Covenant HealthCare Hospital Inpatient Services - Venipuncture: A 21G or larger bore needle is required. In order to avoid tissue contaminants, draw a 2.7 mL blue top (sodium citrate) tube as a discard before drawing the tube for testing. - Line draws: Draw from the appropriate port as per Covenant HealthCare policy and discard the first 7-10 mL. It is unacceptable to fill tubes from syringes when no discard syringe has been drawn as it will impact specimen quality and make the test results invalid. - Draw one 2.7mL blue-top sodium citrate tube of blood to the appropriate level (excess anticoagulant may affect the test results). Use only 2.7mL sodium citrate tubes. - Gently invert the tube 4 times to mix. - Label the tube, verify specimen collection and place the specimen in a biohazard bag (with no additional specimens included) and immediately send the specimen over via the pneumatic tube to the Main Lab.

Primary Collection Container

Blue 2.7 mL (Citrate)



Preferred Transport Temperature



Whole blood


Ambient: 2 Hours

Minimum Testing Volume

2.5 mL

Reference Range

TEG ACT = 86-118 seconds

R = 0.2-0.8 minutes

MA = 52.0 – 71.0 mm

LY30 = 0 – 8.0%


Haemonetics TEG 5000 Citrated Kaolin TEG Assay


Sunday – Saturday


As completed

CPT Codes

85347, 85384, 85576

Unacceptable Conditions

Frozen, refrigerated, clotted, hemolyzed, centrifuged or serum specimens.

Specimens greater than 2 hours old.