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Test Code LAB218 Semen Analysis - Post Vasectomy



Collection Requirements

1. Service for this test is available at any Covenant Laboratory Monday – Friday.

2. Specimens for post vasectomy analysis should be collected 4 to 6 weeks post operative, or after 10-20 ejaculations.

3. The specimen must be submitted no more than 12 hours after collection if possible.

4. A clean dry sterile container is needed for collection. A glass container is preferred to plastic, but both are acceptable. We can provide sterile containers if needed (Urine Cups). Do not open the container until you are ready to produce the sample.

5. Collect the specimen by masturbation, putting the entire specimen directly into the container.

NOTE: Do not collect the specimen in a condom. Do not use drug containers unless cleaned in boiling water and air-dried. Do not use soaps to clean the collection container.

6. Seal the container immediately afterwards with the lid only. Do not use adhesive tape.

7. Write your name, date of birth, date of vasectomy and time of production on the label.

8. Deliver the specimen to the laboratory as soon as possible. Post vasectomy specimens may be kept at room temperature and dropped off at any of Covenant HealthCare Laboratory draw sites.

9. Keep the specimen as close to room temperature as possible. Keeping the specimen container against your body while transporting can do this.

Primary Collection Container

Sterile Container


Semen ambient

Preferred Transport Temperature



Ambient: 24 hours

Reference Range

By report






3-5 days

CPT Codes


Unacceptable Conditions

Frozen, Too Old

Use of a condom for collection is unacceptable unless it is provided by the patient’s physician exclusively for semen analysis. If specimen is a reversal, unable to perform motility if specimen is received 30 minutes post collection.