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Test Code LAB348 Urinalysis, Routine w/Microscopic if Indicated



Collection Requirements

First morning specimen is specimen of choice. Clean catch midstream(ccms). Refrigerate.

Instructions for Clean Catch Mid-Stream Collection:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Open the sterile cup and place cup on shelf along with the lid, topside down. 2. Open both towelettes and wash genital area thoroughly with them as follows. Female: a) Spread folds of skin and hold open. b) Wash area from front to back only. Keep skin spread open. c) Using second towelette provided, again wash from front to back. Keep skin spread open. Male: a) Retract foreskin completely. b) Wash tip of penis. Keep skin retracted. c) Using second towelette provided, thoroughly clean tip of penis again. Keep skin retracted. 3. Keeping area open, urinate, passing the first portion into the toilet. Keep area open. 4. Hold the outside of the container with your hand and DO NOT touch the rim of the cup with skin, fingers, or clothing. Still keeping area open, urinate into container. 5. Without touching inside of the lid, place lid on container tightly. 6. Take the specimen immediately to the laboratory personnel that assisted you.

Primary Collection Container

Yellow Urine Vacutainer (No Additive)



Preferred Transport Temperature



Urinalysis (yellow top): Deliver to Hematology.

DO NOT centrifuge.


Ambient: 1 Hour

Refrigerated: 24 Hours

Minimum Testing Volume

2.0 mL

Reference Range

Call 989-583-6763 for reference ranges.


Reflective Photometry/Microcopic

Clinitek Atlas


Sunday – Saturday


As completed

CPT Codes

81003 or 81001 (if urine microscopic performed)

Unacceptable Conditions

Frozen or UA specimen in preservative.

Additional Information

Test includes Routine Urinalysis and Urine Microscopic Analysis, if indicated.