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Test Code LAB531 Prolactin



Primary Collection Container

Green PST (Lithium Heparin)


Plasma refrigerated

Preferred Transport Temperature



Centrifuge and refrigerate.

Separate from cells if testing is delayed more than 8 hours.


Ambient: 8 hours

Refrigerated: 48 hours

Minimum Testing Volume

0.2 mL

Reference Range

Non-pregnant: 4.5-34 ng/mL

Pregnant: 12.2-235.9 ng/mL Post Menopause: 3.4-24 ng/mL Male: 3.0-21.1 ng/mL


The PRL method is a homogeneous, sandwich chemiluminescent immunoassay based on LOCI® technology. The LOCI® reagents include two synthetic bead reagents and a biotinylated anti-PRL monoclonal antibody fragment. The first bead reagent (Chemibeads) is coated with anti-PRL monoclonal antibody and contains chemiluminescent dye. The second bead reagent (Sensibeads) is coated with streptavidin and contains a photosensitizer dye. Sample is incubated with biotinylated antibody and Chemibeads to form bead-PRL-biotinylated antibody sandwiches. Sensibeads are added and bind to the biotin to form bead-pair immunocomplexes. Illumination of the complex at 680 nm generates singlet oxygen from Sensibeads which diffuses into the Chemibeads triggering a chemiluminescent reaction. The resulting chemiluminescent signal is measured at 612 nm and is a direct function of the prolactin concentration in the sample. Siemens Dimension Vista.


Sunday – Saturday


As completed

CPT Codes


Unacceptable Conditions

Gross hemolysis.