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Test Code MISC1WARDEGCRNA Neisseria gonorrhoeae Nucleic Acid by TMA



Reference Lab Test Number


Collection Requirements

Specimen source required for testing.

Endocervical, vaginal or male urethral swab specimens in APTIMA Combo II or Aptima Multitest transport medium.

First catch urine in APTIMA Combo II Urine Transport Tube. Liquid level must fall between the two black indicator lines. Minimum 2.0 mL urine in sterile specimen cup.

Dedicated specimens are required. If Chlamydia and Neisseria are both ordered on sample may be sent. Specimens used in other assays will not be tested.



Preferred Transport Temperature



Swab in APTIMA Combo II or Aptima Multitest transport medium

Urine in APTIMA Combo II urine transport tube

Ambient: 30 days

Refrigerated: 30 days

Frozen -20°C: 90 days

Reference Range



Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA). Positive specimens are retested using a different TMA assay (different target) before reporting.


Monday – Friday


3-4 days

CPT Codes

- 87591

Unacceptable Conditions

Specimens submitted with the white cleaning swab or with two swabs. Transport tubes without swabs. Swabs in gel, wooden swabs, dry swabs other than BD Dry Swab system. Swabs in bacterial transport medium (e.g., culturettes). Urine specimens where the liquid level in the urine transport tube does not fall between the two black indicator lines. Urine specimens in sterile containers that have exceeded the 24 hour stability. Specimens collected in liquid cytology containers or media will not be tested.

Specimens collected in Universal Transport Medium (UTM)