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LAB20409  Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes Warde Medical Laboratory
MISC1WARDEIBT88210E  Allergen Gum Karaya IgE IBT
LAB12382  Allergen Honey IgE Warde Medical Laboratory
MISC1WARDE39810E  Allergen Mahi Mahi IgE Warde Medical Laboratory
LAB10529  Allergen Upper Respiratory Panel Michigan Region 7 - Ige Covenant
LAB12651  Allergen, Aspergillus fumigatus - IgE Covenant
LAB12652  Allergen, Box-Elder/Maple Tree - IgE Covenant
LAB12653  Allergen, Cat Epithelium and Dander - IgE Covenant
LAB10531  Allergen, Childhood Panel - IgE Covenant
LAB12654  Allergen, Clam - IgE Covenant
LAB12655  Allergen, Cod - IgE Covenant
LAB12656  Allergen, Common (Short) Ragweed - IgE Covenant
LAB12657  Allergen, Common Silver Birch Tree, IgE Covenant
LAB12658  Allergen, Corn/Maize - IgE Covenant
LAB12659  Allergen, Dog Dander - IgE Covenant
LAB12661  Allergen, Egg - IgE Covenant
LAB12660  Allergen, Egg White - IgE Covenant
LAB12662  Allergen, Elm Tree - IgE Covenant
LAB10530  Allergen, Food Panel - IgE Covenant
LAB12663  Allergen, German Cockroach - IgE Covenant
LAB12664  Allergen, Hormodendrum (Cladosporium) - IgE Covenant
LAB12665  Allergen, Latex - IgE Covenant
LAB12666  Allergen, Milk - IgE Covenant
LAB12667  Allergen, Mites (Dermatophagoides farinae) - IgE Covenant
LAB12668  Allergen, Mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) - IgE Covenant